If the sky is the daily bread of the eyes then Rhett Whatley is certainly the Daily Bread of the ears. His special blend of electronic hip hop is sprinkled with Atlanta flavor and the compositional understanding of a true musician. This multi-instrumentalist has been making waves with recent performances at NorthCoast Music Festival and STS9’s Wave Spell Festival in Northern California. He also just dropped a fresh 2 track EP “On the Hour” last week. We caught up with Daily Bread for a quick chat after his performance at Wave Spell the other weekend. Read on below to see what he had to say!

Can you tell us something about Wave Spell that stood out to you as special or different than other festivals you have performed at?

The combination of being right on the North Fork Feather River and having a bunch of good friends on the artist roster, including the Hawk’s Nest Music team, gave it an exceptional vibe. I enjoyed the deeper solo sets by members of STS9 throughout the weekend.

So you’re not only an accomplished producer, but also a multi-instrumentalist. What was your musical upbringing like and what led you down the path to Daily Bread?

I started percussion and drum lessons in early elementary school, one of the teachers taught lessons before school on Fridays. By middle school I was getting into guitar with a friend, we’d do open mic nights and things around town. I started producing songs in 2007 right around the time I started collecting records.

Do you think being from Atlanta has had a certain effect on the type of music you make?

Yeah I’d say so. I sample a lot of regional music in my tracks. I was in high school in the mid 00’s when Lil John and Ludacris were massive. There are some common denominators in my music that you often hear in that era of hiphop. People often reference my music as having a southern vibe, that’s fine by me.

For me, listening to music regularly is as ritualistic as it is meditative. You could say it’s like my “daily bread”.  Would you say there’s any underlying motif or message in your music?

You hit the nail on the head. Daily Bread to me is the ritualistic process of listening, collecting, and making music. Music is a spiritual thing.

Random question..Have you ever done any “ghost production” for anyone before? Do you have an opinion on it, at least as it pertains to the EDM world?

I have never ghost produced anything. I’m not against it, I just come from a realm where originality is championed. There’s a certain point where music becomes product, that does not appeal to me.

Any projects or collaborations in the works you can tell us about? If you could make music with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?

I’m currently working on a release with STS aka Sugar Tongue Slim. He’s an MC I’ve been a fan of for a while. I’d love to make music with Lead Belly or David Axelrod.

What are you working on for 2018 and beyond? Any specific goals you want to achieve?

I have a 45rpm record that dropped last Friday called On The Hour, it’s a companion release to On The Daily, a 2xLP that came out this past Spring on Philos Records.  I’ve got a solo release planned for 2019 as well as the separate release with STS. I’d like to keep touring strong, pushing things as far as I can, and really just surrounding myself with good people and capitalizing on opportunities that come my way.  

Big Thanks to Daily Bread! Go check out his new release today!