“Extractions” is the newest downtempo masterpiece from Vancouver-based DJ and producer Leland Riiiver. Leland is a staple of the West Coast bass music scene in Canada, playing regularly at festivals like Shambhala and Bass Coast, and we’re pumped to be able to say he’s released on Euphoric as of today.

Greeting listeners with a rolling bass line that just radiates dubby vibes Leland splices eerie melodies and vocal samples together to create an otherworldly and haunting ambience. In a unique hybrid style that he has been developing over the years, Leland combines both the dark and beautiful together intertwining ethereal soundscapes and deep bass with hypnotic drum patterns and an emotional and soulful atmosphere. The way the mallets dance over the weighty resonance is an elegant contradiction that plays well with the ears. “Extractions” is but one of 5 large tunes on Leland Riiiver’s Bridge EP. You can find the full release on Street Ritual next Monday September 10th. Enjoy!