Euphoric writer and correspondent Ananda Thomason recently had the opportunity to catch up with infamous swamptronica trio Dirtwire after their stunning performance at Kazakhstan’s “Spirit of Astana” Festival! The one of a kind band brought their unique flavor of music to this worldly musical arts festival celebrating 20 years of independent Kazakhstan and we’re honored to have been able to learn more first hand.

Euphoric: Hey guys!

It’s very much a pleasure to have an opportunity to connect with you!  I have a lot of respect for your musicianship and the culture you bring to the scene!  There’s an extreme amount of talent reverberating between the three of you and I’d love to talk with you a little about your recent trip to Kazakhstan for the national world music festival, “The Spirit of Astana”.

 Would you mind giving us a quick idea of who Dirtwire is?  

Evan: Dirtwire is a global swamptronica electro acoustic trio featuring 3 multi-instrumentalist producer musicians Evan Fraser of the Dogon Lights, Mark Reveley of Sol Norda, and David Satori of Beats Antique based in the San Francisco Bay Area in California.

Where would you say your roots have developed from in music?

We all had the very special opportunity to meet each other and study global and western music cultures at CalArts in Southern California.  Our roots are a blend of many sounds and sources as we all wear different musical hats.  David is from Vermont so he grew up on Phish and the jam band scene. He’s a world traveler/adventurer music producer/composer so he’s always being influenced by new instruments, sounds, people and places.  He is also in Beats Antique.  Mark grew up in the Pacific Northwest and has a background as a film composer, DJ, African vinyl collector, singer-songwriter, electronic music producer and is also a globe trotting troubadour.  I grew up on my parents’ Stax/Volt, Motown, blues & R&B record collection and have been fascinated by global sounds especially the music cultures from the African diaspora ever since.  As a kid in musical theater in the Pacific Northwest, I started on piano but my love of nature and the outdoors led me to become a collector of global percussion and world music instruments. We have all had a lot of amazing teachers to inspire us on our musical journeys along the way.

Can you tell us a little about this festival in Kazakhstan?

This last August we were invited to come to Astana, Kazakhstan and represent the USA at the Spirit of Tengri, an ethnic musical arts festival celebrating 20 years of independent Kazakhstan. There we got to play for the people and our performance was streamed on national television. It was great to see the crowd feeling our music. We were inspired by all the diverse Central Asian and World music groups in the festival.  We learned about some of the different traditional instruments and their sounds from the different regions in Asia. Mamadou Diabate’s and Habib Koite’s groups gave great performances and got everyone dancing.  We also got to enjoy the city by riding our bikes around checking out the giant futuristic architecture of Astana! We were fortunate to have gotten to record some of the artists from the festival in our hotel so we’ve got some exciting fresh tracks coming down the pipes featuring those amazing musicians.


What does the near future look like for your group?

Dirtwire is excited to finish up a few different upcoming releases of our new music and inspirations from our travels abroad.  This Fall we will be touring around the USA and will be playing at Strawberry Fields Festival and Beat Freaks Festival in Australia for our first time so we’re really looking forward to that!

Thanks for the interview  🙂

Thank you for taking the time to let us get to know Dirtwire a little better and for filling us in on your journey to Kazakhstan! Congratulations on this step in your career, it’s definitely inspiring!