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Here at Euphoric we’re avid fans of all the fantastic forward thinking music coming out of Colorado these days. One of the artists we’ve been enjoying for a while now is Denver based producer FunkStatik. This talented individual just dropped his fourth, and dare I say best, album yet today with The Mile High Sound Movement. “Light the Way” is an auditory bass driven journey through the mind and sounds of this sonic sorcerer. It’s not only extremely well produced but has a very solid musical element to it and each track plays like a true composition. Oh… and it absolutely slays the dance floor too.

We were lucky enough to be able to get some time with FunkStatik to ask him some questions about his new release, the Colorado lifestyle, his recording process, and more! Read on below to learn more about this cat and be sure to scope this amazing album!

Photo credit: Naomi Oates Photography

Euphoric: So first off, You’re based out of Denver, Colorado a bastion of forward thinking music and creativity. How long have you lived there for? Do you think residing there has had a large impact on the type of music you make? And do you think the environment there has a certain effect on music in general?

FunkStatik: Thank you for having me you guys!  I’ve lived in Denver and surrounding areas for 4 years now from Omaha, Nebraska.  I can say absolutely it has made a large impact on the type of music I play, or write I should say.  I am greatly influenced by the amazing music community Denver has to offer and I just gather so much great inspiration from everyone around.  The environment here just grooms great music and people, of course the mountains may have a factor as well. 😉

Can you give us the low-down on what a day in the life of FunkStatik is like? Do you dabble in any arts other than music?

I definitely dabble in some canvas work using sharpies, but thats just for fun to keep the creativity flowing in any direction besides music.  My days really just consist of working during the day, and coming home to make music or hang with friends, I try to keep it simple during the week, but enjoy going out on the weekends to gather the inspiration to bring back to the studio.

What are some of the non-musical influences that have helped shape your career?

I would have to say my parents.  Each of them separately have taught me so much that I am influenced by today.  This whole thing was started for Family!

You recently dropped the first single “Orange Peel” from your forthcoming release Light The Way, which I think is the perfect introduction the the album. Can you walk us through the work flow and digital tools you utilize to flesh out a track like this?

So I am currently using Ableton 9 Suite, with some third party plug-ins that add some crazy depth.  My favorite right now is Serum, which is a popular synthesizer in electronic music making these days.  Typically I like to start a track, with the intro- or the sounds I could be using in the intro..It allows for me to stage the atmosphere right off the bat to set up how the rest of the song will feel from there.

How long have you been working on Light The Way and where did you draw a lot of the inspiration for it?

Ive been working on this album for a little over 6 months, but the inspiration for the whole album were life experiences I’ve gone through. Positive and negative. It’s a message that were all human beings to light our own way, to guide us through this crazy life and to work hard at achieving something real through art.

You’ve performed at numerous events and festivals this year. What have been some memorable moments for you this 2018?

 I would have to say Arise. Incredible festival and amazing good vibes the whole weekend.

What are some of your goals for the FunkStatik project for the rest of 2018 and beyond?

To keep growing as an artist- never stop learning and to continue to push the boundaries of myself as well as electronic music as I know.  Were in the business to achieve our dreams, must say the mighty Red Rocks I have my eye on you! 😉


Catch FunkStatik playing tonight alongside Modern Measure in Ft. Collins! He’ll also be opening up for Papadosio October 27th at The Fillmore Auditorium!