We recently had the pleasure of catching our first Miss Dre set at Organic Fest the other weekend when she opened up The Bounce Stage Friday afternoon and laid the groundwork for an epic weekend. This Bay Area selector reps a special blend of bass-laced house music and brings a dynamic approach to four on the floor. Miss Dre keeps it technical and tasteful with a classy track selection and buttery smooth transitions between them. Each tune gets the perfect amount of play time as she builds one after the other into nearly an hour of solid sonic bliss.

Miss Dre┬árecently dropped a track on Beatport called “Down Like Me” and is working on a 3 track EP to be released later this winter. You can catch her out at Burning Man where she’ll be playing Slutgarden Tuesday at 9 as well as Stargazer Friday @ 9:30. Keep an eye out for her on the playa and in the SF area too as she is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon!