Time works in mysterious ways. It wasn’t even two weeks ago that I first came across MikeRat while digging through Soundcloud. I not only thought he was an impressive producer but made a note to hit him up for a feature one day soon. Well as luck would have it he’s dropping a new EP on Wormhole Music Group this Thursday 8/23 and we happened to scoop up a sweet premiere!

Hailing from Minneapolis, MikeRat is known for his special brand of “sneaky bass music”. He teaches Ableton in his home state of Minnesota and is an Infrasound Festival resident. Needless to say, he knows his way around bass music and this premiere is case in point.

“See And Saw” is a unique and stand-out tune that brings together elements of glitch, hip hop, bass music and more. The vocals of Uncle T perfectly complement the downtempo vibes while emanating a thoughtful and carefully articulated message. Containing both swagger and intelligence, the lyricism parallels the music acting as a conduit for sonic elation. Not your average commentary nor your run-of-the-mill bass track, See And Saw is a purposeful composition; ever-building and yet consistently harmonious. Masterful sound design and well thought-out intricacies are just the beginning. But don’t take our word for it… we encourage you to listen for yourself and be sure to swoop the full EP when it drops on Thursday!