Teaming up with an all-star lineup of epic proportions, Atlanta based electronic duo Modern Measure heads to Northern California this weekend to kick off their tour at STS9’s Wave Spell Festival!! Including acts such as Manic Focus, Sunsquabi, Megan Hamilton, Maddy O’Neal and so many more this one of a kind festival is sure to make major waves. We’re extremely excited to have been able to talk to these two talented individuals about musical influences, their forthcoming album, advice for aspiring artists and so much more.. Read on to learn about how these two met and turned their passion for music into something so much more.  And be sure to catch their set this weekend in Belden Town!

EUPHORIC: Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions for us! First off, can you guys elaborate on some of the influences that led you to start collaborating together and thus create the Modern Measure project?

MODERN MEASURE: We met in 2009 while we were in college seeing our friends and fellow electronic duo, Big Gigantic, while they were on their first tour. We instantly connected on similar musical tastes and began seeing shows of all types around the country together. Kyle began Modern Measure in late 2013, with Charlie joining the project in the summer of 2014. We set out to make music that had an influence from everything that has influenced us. We’re really influenced by all styles of music, but lately it’s been a strong mix of future bass, hip-hop, and chill electronica. We’ll still throw it back to some punks jams every now and again.

Your sound really stands out with the uplifting fusion of organic instrumentation and electronic music production. Do you guys find that you share a similar approach to composition and the production process or do you each bring different approaches to making music?

We both bring unique ways to the table when it comes to making music. That’s one of our greatest strengths with production, both thinking about things that the other person might not think of, so it’s a really well-rounded process. When we first started making music, it was more about making the best thing we could at that particular time. Now, because of time and so much trial and error, we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t work. The process of producing tracks has become much more efficient lately.

You’ve toured prolifically over the years as well as released three full length albums and a slew of singles. What are some of your major sources of inspiration?

Our friends in the industry and just the overall love for the music and vibe we get to be a part of. If it feels good, we feel good. The new album that’s coming out August 24 is the best MM to date and was inspired by just that: feeling good. We’re happy with the direction the music is moving. The best has yet to come from MM.

If there were a mission statement behind Modern Measure what would it be?

Just continue to be the best version of MM. Everything is going to continue to progress musically and we’re super excited for the future. But out mission is just to be better with each release and even each performance.

You have an album dropping later this month as well as a tour that kicks off at STS9’s Wave Spell Festival in Northern California. Can you give us some insight into the creative process behind “Cold Enough for Fire”? Would you say this is some of your favorite music you’ve made yet?

It’s most definitely our favorite music we’ve created yet. This one had a lot of thought, planning, and just overall creative songwriting go into it. A lot of the music is chord based on the piano, beat driven with uplifting vocals, and some very tasty saxophone licks. It’s a record we would listen to even if it wasn’t us, just because of the mix of influences. We’re very excited for everyone to hear it, because it’s definitely an accurate representation of what vibe we’re trying to bring.

We’re really looking forward to your set at Wave Spell! What can viewers expect who have never seen you perform before?

We’re going to bring it. It’s really an honor to follow Telefon Tel Aviv & Sound Tribe Sector 9. Both acts we tremendously respect and have been influenced by since we met in college. It’s surreal to be following them, and to play a lot of the music for the good people coming to the festival. If they’ve never seen us before, they will hopefully have a great first impression of what MM is. This set is big one for us.

Who are some of the artists you’re especially looking forward to seeing at Wave Spell?

Super excited to see some of the first Wavespell sets from our friends in STS9, but in general, really everyone, because this is a special event for everyone. Sunsquabi, Maddy O’ Neal, Manic Focus, Telefon Tel Aviv, Edit & Ooah especially. Daily Bread and MZG, who are a part of the Hawk’s Nest Music team with us, will also be performing, so we’re glad to have that family together. Our friends from Atlanta, Higher Learning, will also be there. It’s going to be a special gathering of family & friends, that’s for sure.

What are some of the other stops on the tour you’re especially stoked about?

We’re excited about all of it, but especially Atlanta & Colorado. It’s going to be exciting to show everyone all the new stuff. Alabama will be fun too, because we are originally from there. We tend to test out new material in AL, because our fan base is super family. The tour with Exmag will be a great time in mid-September as well, just because of the mix of styles both of our acts bring to the table.

Lastly, if you had any advice to give aspiring artists and musicians what would you tell them? How can artists help each other succeed?

Never give up and accept failure as a teacher. Failure is what teaches you what you need to do next in order to succeed. Stick to what you’re doing and keep coming up with ideas to keep things flowing.  

The best thing for artists to help each other succeed is just to continue collaborating with each other as much as possible. Touring, track remixes + collabs, side projects, etc. It’s also all about the hang. Good hangs = good times with fellow artist friends and fam.

Thanks Guys!