One of the beautiful things about music is that even though we inherently categorize everything as humans, music naturally transcends categorization regardless of how we label it. I think that’s more relevant than ever now, with people splicing electronic music with all sorts of different genres and instruments from around the world. Case in point is West Coast artist Jake Levant. Hailing from Sonoma, CA Jake is inspired by the natural beauty and creative culture the North Bay offers. His sound encompasses a vast range of styles and influences which can all be found in this delectable mix he recently released.

“The Perfect Storm” is just as it sounds – 40 Minutes of original music, remixes and live guitar. This diverse array of audio splendidness showcases Jake’s prowess in audio production, his fluidity with instruments, and capability as a live performer.

” ‘The Perfect Storm’ is a compilation of material I have worked hard on for the past year, and it encompasses all the the personal development I have undergone, as well as the progress I have made towards achieving my goals. In short, it is a sonic account of my first year as a dedicated artist, and I hope you all enjoy it.”

Jake has played support for the likes of Wave City and Pure Powers amongst others.

You can catch Jake playing live electronic music overlaid with guitar at Star in Sebastopol the first Thursday of every month. Next gig is September 6th!

Check him out on Youtube!