We’re absolutely stoked to be teaming up with The Rust Music for the first time today to bring you a wonky and dynamic premiere by Houston, Texas producer Gaddy. “Pinto Pockets” is one of seven unique and eclectic tunes featured on Gaddy’s forthcoming release “Mixtape Mentality” which will be dropping on The Rust next Tuesday August 7th. Luckily you don’t have to wait til then to grab a taste…

Though we weren’t initially familiar with Gaddy we were immediately enthralled by this tasty release. “Pinto Pockets” is one of the heavier tracks from the album and is a hybrid concoction fusing aspects of glitch hop, halftime, drum and bass, and more. Sophisticated sound design and wubby synthesizers captivate listeners as intricate drum fills and percussion patterns are woven throughout and drenched in oscillating bass vibrations. It has more of an aggressive and upbeat feel to it than some of the other tracks on the EP – it’s definitely a dance floor shaker. But it’s also one of those genre-defying tunes that will have your brain twerking alongside your body. One play just isn’t enough to grasp all the fine details and intricacies scattered throughout. And that’s just the way we like it!

If this track leaves you wanting more you’re in luck because Gaddy just dropped the Mixtape Mentality promo mix yesterday and it’s fire! Get after it!

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