We’re super stoked for our 20th transmission today because it features not one, but two talented individuals on the decks. Hailing from the renown redwood forests of Humboldt County are ShadowTrix Music label head and cofounder¬†Treemeista¬†and fellow bass cadet McG. These two beat hustlers hooked us up with nearly 30 minutes of dank wubs and wobbles, and of course lot’s of earth-rattling bass and we’re glad to be able to present it to you today.

Consisting of tune after tune of heavy hitting dubstep, this is a 140 bpm lovers paradise. Some tracks may sound familiar and others you might have to dig for; regardless this whole mix is fire. Coming off of inspiration from The Untz Festival and Stilldream, Treemeista and McG respectively channel their skills together to create an enjoyable bass odyssey that’s much more immersive and expansive than one would think possible given the time frame. But don’t take our word for it, smash that play button and listen for yourselves!