We have a very special feature for all you Euphoric listeners out there today! Not too long ago we were able to connect with a talented DJ and producer by the name of Naughty Princess. Though she’s been on the grind, busy crushing dance floors, spreading unique sounds, and finishing her debut album and music video, she was kind enough to take some time from traveling from Northern Nights and beyond to answer some questions for us. Not only that, but she cooked up a one of a kind downtempo bass mix that we can’t wait for you to hear. So hit that play button and read on to learn more about this accomplished artist!

Euphoric: Thanks so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to answer some questions for us! So what have you been up to lately?

Naughty Princess: This weekend I’m out at Northern Nights Festival in the beautiful redwoods of Mendocino. I played a set on the magical Grove Stage on Friday night and Saturday night I played a late night set at Silent Disco. Both sets were really fun, the Northern Nights crew are great and so ready to get down!

In the last few weeks I’ve been getting back into some production, learning a lot and finishing some tracks for an EP I’m releasing soon. I’m having a lot of fun hunting down samples and the right bass sounds!

It sounds like you’ve had very interesting and unique musical experiences throughout your life. Can you please give us a quick history of the path to becoming Naughty Princess? 

When I first discovered electronic music as a teenager I formed a very strong love of the dance floor as somewhere I could fully express my creativity and feel the joy of letting loose on a high energy dance floor. It’s a meditation for me, and I always thought I would DJ “some day”. When my father passed away suddenly three years ago, I realized how brief and precious our time on this earth is. My father is Andy Fraser who started out in the UK band Free and he was an amazing musician; a bass player, composer, singer and song writer. I realized that music is what brings me the most joy and that I need to spend my time doing what inspires me the most.

I’m sorry to hear about your father. You are very prolific when it comes to releasing music. Where do you derive a lot of your inspiration for making art?

For me, being a DJ is allowing me to pursue my love of music and what sounds speak to me and light up my spirit. It’s an incredible journey of finding out more about myself and what I love, and it’s a special thing to be able to play it out for people and see them get down to it… it’s magic to see people so happy and dancing together!

If you had to describe the type of music you play to someone unfamiliar to the scene, what would you say?

I describe my sound as electronic music with trap beats, urban grooves, and beautiful eastern melodies. West Coast Bass is the most fitting genre, but I like to keep it diverse, and always something you could dance to!

Do you have a goal or mission you try to project through your art?

My mission is to always create a space where dancers can experience a state of unity with the music an the dance floor, a state of full expression and flow. For me, some of the most joyous moments of my life have been rocking out on a dance floor, so if I can give that experience to people, I’m stoked!

You have been pretty busy with shows lately. What have been some of your favorite performances of 2018 so far?

How Weird Street Fair was a blast. I played on the Muti Music/ Enchanted Forest/ Northern Nights stage, and it was a really stacked line up, so I felt very lucky to be on it! There’s something about paying on a booming sound system right on the street in the heart of downtown San Francisco that is so dope! I love that the Bay Area embraces and supports dance culture, and it’s fantastic to see all the weird and wonderful people with so much style and color! People were just crushing the dance floor, and just hollering and high-fiving. It was one for the books for sure! I was also on the line up for Friday night Saucy Spa at Enchanted Forest Gathering just before An-Ten-Nae and Dov1! Being able to play alongside these two awesome producers and friends was a major highlight! I was on at 2:30am when all the other stages closed, so everyone mobbed onto the dance floor just before I started, and then I dropped a bunch of my favorite bangers and the place was jumping! I still can’t believe that happened it was so much fun!

Any shows coming up in the near future where fans can catch you performing?

This Wednesday the 25th of July I’m playing Whomp at the Jam in Arcata, with ChopsJunkie, Esch, and Riskii. It’s going to be a crusher! Arcata gets down so hard! Then on Saturday July 28th I’m playing at Abundance at the Belasco Theatre, which is hands down the best party in LA, with the fantastic music, non-stop stage performances, and festival atmosphere. I’m really looking forward to that one!


What would be your dream line up to play?

Troyboi, An-Te-Nae, Soohan, CloZee, Juss B, Stylust, … and me!

We absolutely love the mix you curated for us! It really builds and flows nicely touching on a variety of styles along the way. Can you tell us a bit about the process of creating and recording this?

I’ve been fortunate to be able to play more headlining time slots and late night bangers, which I’m very excited about! However, that doesn’t always translate into a mix you want to play purely for listening to, rather than crushing the dance floor. So I took this opportunity to craft a mix that is more downtempo, and focused on soundscapes and orchestral elements, with some warm dub bass lines woven through, which I’ve really been jiving on!

What else is on the agenda for Naughty Princess in 2018?

My first priority is to finish my EP “Aspara” and get that out pronto! With that I also need to finish the music video that my sister Anna Fraser and her photographer Alicia Ward are creating with me for one of my tracks “Raga Moves” which we shot in Hawaii. I’m really excited to dive deeply into production at this stage and learn as much as I can, and start releasing my original music!

Thanks so much Jasmine!!