We had a quick moment to interview Jonnie Marriott aka Realiez before his first major festival performance this Saturday night at Northern Nights Music Festival! He’ll be playing on the Blue Bus Adventure stage presented by Bass Camp Festival at 10pm tomorrow and we thought you should learn a thing or two before he debuts!

Euphoric: Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions for Euphoric! Could you give us a quick musical background of yourself and the RealieZ project?
Realiez:  Thanks for taking the time to reach out to me Euphoric! My name is Jonathan Marriott, I’m 22 years old and I started producing music when I was introduced to the EDM scene in 2012. I started the RealieZ project as a multi-genre music experiment and my friends all loved the outcome, so I kept the name and continued on with it. RealieZ means situation awareness. To be aware and realize your surroundings.
How would you describe the type of music you like to make and play out?
The music I like to make and play ranges from heavy dubstep to soft relaxing trance, and just about everything in between the two. The music I make is usually all experimental. Nothing is a cookie cutter way of doing things when I start a new song. I’m always trying new things and changing up my sounds.
We hear that Northern Nights will be your first festival. Is that as an attendee or a performer or both?
This is my first time performing at a big festival. I went to Northern Nights last year as an attendee and it was absolutely amazing. I’m feeling very blessed to be performing there this year!
What are your emotions like leading up to your performance?
I’m swimming in different emotions leading up to this event. I’m excited, anxious, happy, grateful, but most of all I’m stoked to get the opportunity to perform for all my friends and family that are going to be there. Knowing that my music will be positively impacting others, how music has positively impacted me and my life, is an honor.
Can you tell us a little bit about the bus/stage you will be playing at?
The Blue Bus Stage is actually my sister Jessica and her boyfriend Nick’s tiny home they converted from an old school bus. They both met at the Electronic Daisy Carnival in 2011 and are following their dreams. They moved into the bus last year and have been living in it full time. They explored the Pacific Northwest and made it to the furthest tip of Baja California. They just crossed the border a few weeks ago, so this is going to be an epic welcome home party for them. Lucky for everyone at Northern Nights, they’re transforming their home into the best stage Northern Nights is going to have!
What other artists are you looking forward to watching at Northern Nights this year?
I’m looking most forward to seeing Mr. Carmack, Thomas Jack and Snuffy B2B with Milan. It would be really awesome if one of them hopped up on the roof of the bus and I got the opportunity to go B2B with one of them.
Anything else lined up for RealieZ in 2018?
Currently I’m playing local shows and parties up in Northern Idaho, and previously spun at a few night clubs in Oregon. I’m hoping to be playing more festivals as the year continue to meet more producers to collaborate with.

Thanks! Check out Realiez’s set at 10pm Saturday night!