Euphoric is extremely excited to present a brand spanking new mix from Philadelphia live electronica duo Wax Future.!! Band members Keith Wadsworth and Connor Hansell team up with live visual artist Jamal Rab to create riveting live performances and elegantly blend the lines between futuristic electronic music and music of the past and present. Their refined funk drenched hip-hop driven sound is as flavorful as it fun and truly brings a unique and enjoyable approach to the dance floor. Check out this exclusive interview they gave us and learn more about how they met and formed the band, their recording process, some new music in the works and lot’s more! Hit that play button and read on!

Euphoric: Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions! First off, how did you guys meet and where did the name Wax Future come from?

Connor: We met a while back when we both worked at Apple. We started going to shows together and decided to get in the lab and try making some tunes together. The rest is history.

The name Wax Future really represents our mission of mixing the old with the new. Whether sampling old vinyl records, or using vintage gear or old school recording techniques to get dusty nostalgic sounds, it’s all about taking pieces of the old and creating something new. As music becomes more and more digitized, commercialized, and de-humanized it is important to us to try and preserve the music of the past, yet still make something that appeals to the listeners of our generation, and so our mission became our brand.

You guys blur genre boundaries by incorporating live instruments and a variety of styles from hip-hop to electro to soul. What kind of musical endeavors were you involved in before the creation of Wax Future that gave you such wide ranging capabilities?

Keith: Connor and I both played in our own bands before starting this project, we are both song writers. Arranging and telling compelling stories with this music became the focal point very early on. We strive with each release to continue to grow the ability of taking people on journeys.

Photo Cred: Saucy Monster

You have a new EP coming out in September. Could you give us the inside scoop on that?

Keith: “Source Code” our newest collection of music will be released in September. We are incredibly proud of what we were able to accomplish with this EP. There is a ton of collaboration on the songs, a lot of energy shifting from track to track. We care about speaking to the full spectrum of emotion, to create music that can be a canvas for thoughts and feelings to be projected against has always been the goal. The lead single “Style Like This” featuring Essonite drops via The Untz on August 3rd, with a video by Greg Ellis from the Phoebus Cartel accompanying it. Time is crawling but we cannot wait to share it with the world.

We can’t wait to hear it! So what’s a day in the studio like for Wax Future? Could you elaborate about your recording process for us?

Connor: Typically I’ll bring a rough sketch to the table and the two of us will just start to build it out, adding bass, scratch guitar, synth etc. Then, across the span of a few sessions, after we have more of a fleshed-out track, we will arrange it. Once the track is arranged we will start to do a bunch of tracking, replacing placeholder sounds with refined sounds, like analogue synths, guitar tracked through an amp, live bass, and sometimes drums and percussion. Finally I’ll go through and mix the track. Nothing glamorous here, we just try and have fun and enjoy the laborious and exciting rollercoaster ride of recording and creating something.

Can you tell us about the mix you’ve created for Euphoric?

Keith: Totally! This collection of songs is special, it marks the first time we’ve incorporated tracks that aren’t ours in a mix. It’s fun weaving in our homies tracks to try to tell a cohesive story within 30 minutes. Hope you enjoy!

You guys have played support for some pretty huge names in the industry such as Pretty Lights, Big Gigantic, Opiuo, Tipper and more. What’s one of the craziest experiences you’ve had performing?

Keith: It wasn’t anything outlandish crazy, but this past winter we supported Manic Focus for a few dates. It was surreal because it was so consistent and professional each night, it was a taste of something we’ve dreamed about for a really long time. It felt like summiting a mountain.

You’re scheduled to play Soundz Festival in New York. Have you guys played there before? What kind of set are you thinking of doing for that?

Keith: For Soundz we plan to dig into these new tunes and properly showcase them, it’s going to be creeping close to the release date around that time, giving people these early glimpses into these tunes is important, first impressions are lasting.

Can you tell us about the visual artistry aspect of your live performances?

Keith: The visual artist that we work with, Jamal Rab, is our close friend and has been to pretty much every Wax Future show ever. Jamal was inspired by our project and some of the other visual artists out there, and started to hone his craft. In a matter of months Jamal started throwing down incredible visual work. We have always believed in making our shows an experience, so assing Jamal’s incredible visual artistry work to our show, just brings another level of enjoyment.

What kinds of things do you guys like to do when you’re not making music?

Connor: Outside of music we love spending time with our friends and family, hiking and being in nature. We also are big craft beer drinkers and always enjoy kicking back a few good IPAs.

You’ll have to come try some of the beers out in Cali! What else is on the agenda for Wax Future in 2018?

Keith: Drop this EP, and then collaborate with all our homies on new music, and get right on our next collection of tunes, maybe our debut full length????

Thanks so much!