Maxfield is one of those artists who’s been on the Euphoric radar for a minute now as we’ve been watching this talented individual steadily up his craft. The latest case in point is his “Under the Pink Umbrella” EP to be released on Street Ritual July 17th. We’ve chosen our favorite track from the EP which happens to be called “Spooky Bigheat” and it’s available just in time for Friday the 13th!

Maxfield leaves nothing to be desired on this experimental and psychedelic track. An ethereal intro draws in listeners as Maxfield incrementally layers exotic noises and sophisticated sound design over an ever modulating beat. Haunting melodies embrace squelchy bass and alien frequencies as a glitch-hop marinade viscously oozes from the speakers. It’s not just a fantastic production but a true composition as well. You can tell this Boston producer has a grip of musical know-how and probably theory as well. If there’s a perfect tune for today, this is it.

So start your weekend off right with some spooky extra-terrestrial bass music from Maxfield, and keep an ear to the ground for the full EP dropping next week!