Throughout history inkblots have been used to examine a person’s personality characteristics and emotional functioning. Well today, thanks to Brooklyn based DJ and producer inkBlotwe have a sonic interpretation in the form of the 17th installment of the Euphoric Transmission Mix Series. This experimental and psychedelic smorgasbord of bass is like taking a one way flight into the twilight zone. Trippy right off the bat inkBlot offers over 37 minutes of high quality futuristic tunes, including a slew of originals and collabs. A love of space travel and dolphins, you can find aspects of both strewn throughout the mix. From the clicking and whistling sounds, to the modulated frequencies of the synths and sound design, and the galactic soundscape encapsulating it all. Listen hard enough and I’m pretty sure you can hear both extra terrestrials and dolphins in the background.

inkBlot already released one EP earlier this month, a collaboration with Dreddy Bear, and will be dropping a solo release called “The Invasion EP” June 29th on Ebisu Sound. All the tracks from that EP can be found in the mix!

Catch him headlining The New Moon Gathering 7/15!