In a face melting hybridization of styles comes the “Robot Smoke” remix from Boston producer Maxfield. He puts a spin on Secret Recipe’s original tune, and you can find both of them on the “Ladders Part 2” EP out June 21st on Wormhole Music Group. These two artists’ experimental and psychedelic sounds, when spliced together, complement each other incredibly well. The remix starts out normal enough with enticing horns and trippy vocal samples peppered throughout. It quickly escalates however, embracing extra-terrestrial sound design, deep brain rattling bass, and off kilter time signatures which are almost heavy metal in nature. With how much is going on in the tune it’s surprisingly crisp and not overwhelming at all. At times it can almost be ethereal. If you dig it check out the full EP from Secret Recipe when it drops this Thursday. Keep an ear to the ground for a new EP coming from Maxfield July 18th too!

You can catch Secret Recipe doing his thing at all these amazing festivals: Heart and Soulstice GatheringOrganic FestStilldream, and Infrasound.