We’re always on the hunt for dank new music emanating from the underground of cities and places the world over. We’re stoked to be able to expose a new gem we’ve recently come across from two underground beat hustlers currently residing in Valencia, Spain. “Slip” is the newest collaboration from DR. EZ and JJ_ON_THE_BEAT, originally from D.C. and NYC respectively. These two up and coming producers combined their talents and came up with quite a robust banger that’s been on repeat here all morning. Haunting sound effects kick off the tune which quickly builds into a low-end concoction mixing groovy, dub inspired bass lines with contagious rhythms and sophisticated sound design. Alien sounding synths and other futuristic noises complement the powerful bass hits and rasta vocal chops for a full sounding, well rounded track. It’s perfect for slapping at home or for getting the dance floor moving.

DR. EZ will be playing a show called Miami Vice Vol. 2 at the UP&DOWN Club in Valencia on June 21st and will also be releasing “The System EP” late July with our friends over at Digital Whomp. Enjoy!