Start the week off right with this ethereal and entrancing bass music tune from Chicago producer¬†ZLEN. “Photosynthia” is upbeat and inviting, pulling listeners in immediately with a captivating lead and a rolling wave of sonic bliss. Drum and bass percussion flows smoothly amongst atmospheric synths and a futuristic soundscape. Embracing a wubby bass line ZLEN keeps the tune fresh with intricate layering and texturing of different sounds and effects, all blended together immaculately. We especially like where it goes in the latter half of the song. The second drop gets a bit heavier but in a very tasteful manner. A more crunchy and distorted vibe complements the back beat and and really takes the tune to a higher level of euphoria. ZLEN has been steady dropping tunes for a while now and if you dig “Photosynthia” we highly recommend checking out his Soundcloud for more dope music.