Get a glimpse of Torbjørn’s forthcoming EP “Cliques” with this powerful premiere of “Uncut”. This high octane halftime tune is just the first of six bass heavy originals as well as a remix by Peek Levels – all set to be released Tuesday June 12th on ShadowTrix Music.

But you don’t have to wait until then to enjoy this hefty yet classy banger from Torbjørn. Probably our favorite tune on the EP, “Uncut” is pure unadulterated halftime of the sort that I personally really enjoy. Not too over embellished or wildly ambitious but a good, solid, sophisticated bass line with just the right touch of vocal samples and tasteful synth work. Oh and don’t forget the hip hop undertones. We’ve been fans of PNW artist Torbjørn for a while now and his newest album definitely lived up to expectations. Be sure to check it out next Tuesday!