Someone turn up the AC because we have some straight heat today! Hailing from the “central region of that one peninsula” is an up and coming beat hustler by the name of MontyCler. No Facebook, no Instagram, this incognito artist may fly under the social media radar but he hooked us up with a real hefty banger that’s sure to make some waves. “Rake” is an experimental amalgamation of sick modulated vocal chops, powerful syncopated drum hits, and trippy fills and effects. Molded together with the skill of an expert craftsman this composition come banger defies classification – featuring elements of trap, dubstep and more. Flexing nasty sound design and ultra low-end bass this track is not for the faint of heart. It’s a very dynamic tune that will have you thinking even as your body rocks involuntarily to the beat. My only complaint is that it’s over too soon but that’s part of the beauty; we’ll just have to keep coming back for more. Peep MontyCler’s Soundcloud for more hot fire!