In need of a little bass therapy? Well don’t fret because for this week’s mix, the 15th transmission of 2018, we had the Bay Area’s own THRPY come through and drop a heavy set full of dank originals and collabs as well as some bangers from artists on his label Below the Surface. We could go on and on about how dope this mix is but we’ll just let you hear that for yourself. Hit play and check out the exclusive interview with THRPY to see what’s going on below the surface of this talented individual!


Euphoric: Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions! First off, can you tell us a little bit about yourself? Where are you from and what is your musical background like?
Im from San Mateo originally and then eventually moved up to San Francisco for college. I grew up in a non-musical family. My dad says he was a drummer but I think he’s referring to when he beats on his steering wheel to Micheal Jackson’s “Thriller”. At about 10 years old breakdancing became popular in my neighborhood and in the Bay Area in general. Things around the house were sorta ruff at that time so I was looking for a creative outlet. My friends started teaching me moves and we all became pretty good. At that time there was no Youtube so we would have to find Bboy battle VHS’s and study the fuck out of them. We did that for a few years and got better and better, we entered lots of battles and created a crew “Foot Clan”. Bboyin got me into “breaks” and music in general. Dance was huge part of my childhood. As the crew and I got older we started going to raves. In 2001 raves mostly consisted of trance, techno, jungle yet we loved to go and tear shit up. At that time I developed a love for electronic music and an aspiration to be a DJ. Similar to dancing I enjoyed the spotlight and putting smiles on peoples faces.


How long have you been making beats under THRPY and how would you describe your sound to someone who may not be familiar with bass music?
Ive been making tracks under THRPY for a little over a year now. Most people in the Hip-Hop or Beat Scene know me as Noise. Ive also produced tracks under my legal name. THRPY came about when my mom suddenly passed away. I realized that my art is my therapy. The no vowels is an SEO thing. My sound represents me as a person, Im not just one thing or style. Ive always been the kid that kicks it with all sorts of different groups and scenes and tried to bring them together. So for music I try to tie in all my life experiences and inspirations. I feel I developed an EDM trap sound with Hip-Hop influences if I was forced to categorize myself but I’m also inspired by experimental beats, DnB, and Dubstep.
We love the mix you cooked up for us. Can you go into some detail about a few of the tunes in there or the vibe you were trying to curate?


This mix is mostly tracks I’ve selected from my label Below the Surface along with some of my biggest originals and collabs. Ps, I love to collaborate a bunch. I feel like its the best way to learn new techniques and get better as an artist. The vibe I was going for with this mix is definitely on the heavy darker side. This is one for PK rig and the main-stage. Over the last two years I’ve been developing a few artists on the label they are amazing producers so its my pleasure to include their tracks in as many mixes and performances as possible.


You founded and are currently running the record label and colorful underground bass experiment known as Below the Surface. Can you tell us a little bit about that?


Two year’s ago I was at a point in my music career where I just didn’t know how to promote myself. I tried just about everything and it seemed to just not to take off. A friend named Snafu I met at a few parties in SF had some great traction going online and I asked him how he does it. He introduced me to couple people who then invited me to a Facebook chat group for repost trading. At that time I was paying a good amount to get my tracks heard through wack blogs and shit yet my Soundcloud had grown to like 5k. I started leveraging my followers and just repost traded a shit load which worked well back then because Soundcloud reposts were super potent. A dude reached out to me and asked me if I was interested in buying his record label because he needed money for medical bills. The label was decently successful and I had some savings so I bought it. I had no idea how to run a label but I thought it would be challenging and fun. The tracks on the label were not really exactly what I wanted to release so I decided to rebrand to Hella Trap. The idea was start a free music label and offer downloads in exchange for follow using download gates. This was the label and the artists would grow together.
In the beginning I had some super fire releases from guys like sfam and Julo, Outlit and many more. My eyes opened up to experimental bass music, mostly thanks to Ken from Rauthentic . After having a bunch of releases on Hella Trap and gating a few other channels I started and built a Repost Chain which gave me even more leverage for trading and the promo power to support the labels release. I decided to try to create a network called HELLA NTWRK where I would release various genres of music. Soon after I realized that was spreading myself way to thin and if I also wanted to develop myself as an artist I would need to concentrate on just one label. I thought to myself. “What inspires me? What sound do i want to promote and push?” I looked back at those early Hella Trap releases and was just blown away at how forward thinking they were. At that point it clicked. There used to be a little record store in Burlingame called Below The Surface but it shut down. So I decided to revive the name, rebrand the label and push experimental forward thinking beats. Along the way I met a good friend Soulecist who has been helping me so much. I couldn’t ask for a better friend and business partner.
You crank out quality tunes at a pretty prolific rate. Do you have any advice on how to keep it fresh for producers who might be experiencing writers block?


To be honest I get writers block a ton and I wish I could make more tunes. My best advice is don’t put yourself in a box and be hard on yourself. Create freely. Don’t let me tell you you’re a poser for making this or a biter for making that, or that every song has to be one style for one scene. Let the music come out of your heart. Do what you love and your music will represent you. Sometimes when I get stuck on a track I close the session and listen to some music that inspires me. Other times I just try a completely different style of music.


For someone who runs a label and also produces music constantly how do you find time for other work, leisure, etc? Do you find having a balance of some sort helps?


Time is of the essence. Im 33 years old so I’m pushing really hard right now to make my dreams come true. I work a full time job during the week. Now I’m financially in a position to invest in the label so I have an art director and a promo team which gives me time on the weeknights for physical activity and sometimes a significant other. On the weekends I hang with friends and play as many show opportunities as I can. Life is all about finding a balance, Its a necessity for me to work hard, be creative, eat healthy, practice mindfulness, exercise and spend time enjoying life with loved ones..

If you could change any one thing about the music industry what would it be?


Give the power back to the artists who deserve it. There is so much amazing music being created and most of what is being promoted on the radio is just the same garbage. The future of music lies in independent forward-thinking artists. My goal is to develop a platform to help artists grow and be successful doing what they love and getting what they deserve.


What do you have going on for 2018? Any places we can catch THRPY throwing down in the near future?


Ill be playing Organic Festival in August, Also I’m currently on the hunt for a venue to hold a below the surface monthly event where we will be bringing out the best artists from all over the world to play here in the Bay Area. You will definitely find me playing those 🙂

Thanks so much!