Hot off the Euphoric press is the 14th installment of our 2018 Transmissions Mix series and it’s a head banging set from Detroit beat alchemist Matter!!

We’ve been a fan of this accomplished producer for quite some time. His melodic heavy metal style is reminiscent of Bassnectar but with Matter’s own unique touch. Needless to say, we’re absolutely stoked to present this exclusive mix from him. It’s 47 minutes brimming with a slew of original tunes and remixes as well as cuts from the likes of Jantsen, SMKSGNLS, Stylust and more! Expect high octane, bass fueled mischief mixed together with precision and lathered generously with face melting sound design. Matter incorporates a multitude of sounds from hip hop to dubstep and even throws in a tune from Excision (“It’s from 2008 so chill tf out you wooks”). One thing is for certain – make sure you listen to this shit loud cuz Matter be flexin’. Enjoy!