Bay Area based audio technologist, composer, and genre-bending psychedelic electronic producer Outersect (Rob Rayle) has quietly been making waves over the last twenty years performing alongside of legendary acts such Hallucinogen (Simon Posford), Shpongle, Ott, Gaudi, Bluetech, Phutureprimitive, among other pioneering electronic acts. Outersect recently released his buzzworthy music video for his latest single “Kinnari”. The single for “Kinnari” is a next level produced electronic track, which fuses together psychill, bass sounds, acoustic instruments, glitchy synths, and tribal beats. The “Kinnari” music video is a testament to the power of collaboration, community, and the expression of how flow culture fosters inspiration and delivers a unique collective performance. The introduction to the piece is an invitation by Outersect that lures the viewer inside the music video itself. Once the ritual toast is offered, the viewer is immersed into an underground flow arts and fire dancing party at the Flowspace, a community of makers and flow artists in Emeryville, which is also the headquarters of the renown Flowtoys. The music video for “Kinnari” features some excellent footage from a dance party inside of Flowspace, some amazing shots of LED flow artists, psychedelic visuals, and next level firedancing performances. Some of the performances are so inspiring that I can only guess that it may inspire some viewers to pick up the flow arts themselves.

Prisna, Co-Founder of Flowtoys had this to say about the making of “Kinnari”: “Sean and I were so stoked when Rob approached us with his idea to incorporate the flow arts into his new music video. I’ve known Rob for about twenty years through the SF underground rave scene in the late 90s, back in the days when raves were collaborative crucibles where people came together to create full spectrum environments and experiences for each other. So naturally we jumped at the opportunity to re-create that symbiotic party feel as the setting for a music video. And as every flow artist knows flowtoys + music = better, so this could only be a good thing.”