I’m not going to sugar coat it…this mix from leet is straight fire. For only being 30 minutes this sh!t is incredibly large. If you’re not already familiar with leet, this Tennessee based producer has been coming up quick with his bold productions and prolificness. On a real mind blowing level this accomplished artist is flexing some serious sound design skills and off kilter compositions; there’s some truly alien sounding transmissions coming out of this mix. He keeps it well rounded though. Experimental noises are offset by a little hip hop here and there but all saturated in a marinade of futuristic distortions. Brimming with low-end goodness and layered with trippy fills and sound effects, there’s never a dull moment. In fact, there’s so much going on that it’s completely likely your brain will be twerking trying to figure out what’s happening. Pure heat from beginning to end, expect big things from this dude.

I can only imagine how good this would sound on a proper audio rig. Catch him melting faces at The Untz Festival in a couple weeks to find out!