Got a case of the Mondays?? Well we have the remedy! Tahoe selector and prolific producer Adiidas is dropping a wonky tune today which happens to be aptly named “Acid”…and it doesn’t take long to figure out why.. This tripped out track is lathered in strange sound effects and held together by a sick chilled-out back beat. Crisp bass is offset by plunking and bouncing noises with an alien undercurrent flowing throughout. Not too heavy, not too complextro; this song is perfect for kickin’ back and maybe experimenting with a tab or two. Adiidas has a grip more crazy tunes on his Soundcloud so if you’re feeling it be sure to check it out. Also keep an ear to the ground for his forthcoming 5 track EP called “My Cat” coming out at the end of July!

You can catch Adiidas this August playing at Organic Fest 2018 alongside a heavy hitting line up of international and local talent.