Hailing from the Big Island of Hawaii is an accomplished up and coming producer who goes by the name of Edekit. We’re happy to host his newest tune “I Wouldn’t Touch That” today as a Euphoric exclusive. This experimental track is not easily classifiable as it embraces elements from across the board. It’s somewhat chill and downtempo yet has a motivating feel too; a bit of a contradiction but such is music sometimes. It has just the right minimal approach, tastefully utilizing an entrancing lead and haunting sound effects which adequately complement the bass. “I Wouldn’t Touch That” certainly has a unique sound all its own and we’re excited to see where this producer’s music takes him.

In fact currently seeking refuge from the catastrophic evacuations happening in Hawaii, Edekit will soon be moving to Nevada City CA, a bastion of forward thinking music and creativity, where he will continue pursuing his musical ambitions. (Take note promoters). You can catch him this summer performing at the highly anticipated Enchanted Forest Gathering 2018.  Check out his Soundcloud for more fresh cuts!