We’re stoked to present everyone today with an all original mind blowing mix that we’ve been absolutely itching to get out to our listeners. Euphoric have been fans of East Coast beat hustler Griffen Wilcox aka P A T H for a long while now and we’re absolutely hyped to have him on for the 12th installment of our Transmissions Mix Series. This talented artist has a style all his own that is so next level it is hard to put into words. Luckily we have 23 minutes comprised of 11 OG tracks so that you can hear for yourself. That’s not all though. Griffen was kind enough to take the time to answer some questions we had. So hit that play button, fasten your seat belts, and learn more about P A T H!


EUPHORIC: Hey Griffen, thanks for taking the time to answer some questions! To start off, can you please tell us a bit about yourself such as where you’re from and your musical background?

P A T H: Yeah no problem! Im from Jericho, VT a super small town in a super small state close to NY!

As for musical background, I played the cello when I was 9 and really enjoyed it for a while but eventually lost interest. Then when I was around 12 I played a little saxophone and also played the snare drum as well, but again I lost interest in both of those after a little while.
 Who have been some of your major influences both inside and outside the music industry?
Influences in the industry have been artists I enjoy listening to a lot such as What So Not, Flume, and Shlohmo to name a few. Also a lot of the stuff I find from digging on Soundcloud has a big impact on my music. Outside of music id say my friends, my family, and my girlfriend. They all inspire me and push me to be a better version of myself every day.
 You make some pretty dope outside the box tunes. When you’re making music as P A T H, what are some of your methods for channeling inspiration and creativeness?
Thanks so much! Usually when I go into making music I like to have no initial idea of what I want the track to sound like, I know that sounds odd but it really helps me to experiment and be creative in different ways. I like starting with a melody and some atmospheres and build on top of those letting the track grow from there.
I also get a lot of inspiration from going outside and walking around in the woods that are by my house, nature is an endless source of inspiration for me, I have fun remembering the things I see in nature and trying to translate them into sound.
Who are some of your favorite artists to listen to on any given day?
Too many to list honestly but some are G Jones, Eprom, Moody Good, Flume, What So Not, Shlohmo. I also listen to the artists I find on Soundcloud constantly. Outside of electronic music I listen to artists such as Jonwayne, This Will Destroy You, Sufjan Stevens to name a few, and a lot of rap as well. My music taste is all over the place.
If you could collaborate with any artist(s) who would it be?
Definitely would love to work with G Jones and Flume as well. Both of their styles and sound design have inspired me to try to really push the boundaries.
You did an official remix for CloZee on her Harmony Remixes EP. What was it like working on that track? Was there any more pressure than usual?
Yes! I actually had tons of fun making that track, it definitely pushed me to do something different from my usual stuff but thats always a good thing.
This all original mix you cooked up for us is amazing to say the least. What were you going for when you created it?
For this mix the goal was to showcase all original music and give insight to the things I’ve been working on lately, I had a lot of fun putting this together because I haven’t really gotten a chance to do something like this yet!
If you could sum up your music in 5 words or less what would they be?
I would describe my music as Trippy, Imaginative, Atmospheric, Energetic, Different.
What are you plans for 2018? Anywhere we can catch P A T H playing in the near future?
As of now 2018 is pretty open for me, my goal is to make as much music as possible and to learn/progress as much as I possibly can. Definitely trying to play more shows in the near future for sure!!
Thanks so Much!