All you bass heads out there are in for quite the treat today, especially lovers of halftime/DnB, because the mix we’re releasing is something special. The one and only Dela Moontribe is unleashing an exclusive EXTENDED version of her set from Lucidity Festival 2018 and it’s bad ass!! If you don’t already know about Dela, this dynamic performer has evolved and withstood the test of time throughout an impressive career as an innovator and as an artist. Fluent in a variety of styles from techno to drum and bass Dela Moontribe caters to a wide spectrum off bass music lovers.

Her halftime and drum and bass style which is highlighted in this recording of her set from Lucidity is probably one of our favorites from her and we’re honored to be involved with this hefty release. Mixed with the expertise of a veteran dance floor slayer the mix seamlessly jumps from hard hitting halftime to pumping drum and bass in a manner that can only be described as her own. She’s been crushing the game lately with impressive performances like this one, her set on the Bounce Car at Serenity Gathering, and more. But don’t take our word for it, catch her at Wormhole Wednesday tomorrow night!

Photo cred: Miles Najera