5AM did a truly stunning kick flip of a twist on this remix of ST4RFOX‘s track “Wormhole” on the forthcoming “We’re not Alone” EP to be released on ShadowTrix Music April 17th. This track is ethereal, evokingly infused, permeated with gliding, sliding beats. My mind is surged with soothing twists and turns. The sound design is one of beauty and finesse, never overpowering, perfectly enhanced and peaceful, this track embodies a calming and levitating air, ballooned with artistic flow.  

     The course of this song takes you on a path fraught with smatterings of grace, soothing melodies, combined with atmospheres of launching to abstract heights. My minds eye was tickled by the web of tones, ranging from an uplifting space float, to the sound design nexus of a singular pocket of air filled with musics comforting breath. I can hear and feel the tones and textures so fully I am brought to a singular place of traveling. Me, in my own little spaceship through vivid stars, glowing clusters, intense molecules of space and bold black texture surrounding me in wonderment of this new dimension. This track is so chill, bewitching and inter-dimensional, I am mournful to be brought back down to earth.


Peep this lovely, arresting track and the rest of the EP by ST4RFOX on ShadowTrix Music. Be sure to further check out STM’s Soundcloud, they consistently are a go to for original music, cutting edge producers and fresh beats.  HUGE UPS and much love to them for always supporting the underground scene to make dreams realities for many producers. <3