Here’s a little something to perk you up today. Hailing from Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada are two producers by the names of HDrizzle and KONiG and they cooked up new tune called “Let Us Tell You” that we think you should hear. Though HDrizzle comes from a primarily bassline/UKG background while KONiG has been influenced by dubstep and bass house, they teamed up for this epic collaboration fusing their respective skills into one crankin’ tune.

This crisp hybrid style track is some straight high octane fuel for the dance floor. Though it starts smooth and laid back don’t be fooled – when it drops it goes into overdrive. A powerful and dynamic bass line immediately energizes the airwaves. The savvy vocal chops maintain a part of the rhythm, complementing the percussive undertones and offsetting the bold sound design. We haven’t had a lot of features in this category but it’s tunes like this that leave us wanting more.You can listen to HDrizzle’s Bi-Weekly show 5-7pm Fridays MST. Keep an ear to the ground for some cool show announcements happening soon and follow them on social media for more great music!