We’ve been avid fans of Bay Area selector J*Labs here at the Euphoric headquarters for quite sometime now. So when she agreed to hook us up with a fresh guest mix for the ninth edition of our 2018 mix series you could say we were a little bit stoked.

J*Labs aka Jackie Peters switched up her style a bit on this mix delivering a richly layered experience that’s both easy listening and incredibly dance floor friendly. We love how she incorporates a multiplicity of styles from house to hip hop, to funk and beyond. Exotic instrumentals, intelligent lyricism, fantastic song selection, and a knack for mixing it all together seamlessly are case in point for why we always love us a fresh J*Labs mix. If you’re looking for some all around feel good vibrations, we’ve got 60 minutes of bliss for you. Tune in and tune out! And as always if you’re feeling it share the love!