Today is a good day because we get to unleash the newest sounds from A Hundred Drums, AKA Gabrielle Watson, upon your unassuming ear holes! In a tasteful hybridization of dubstep and hip-hop A Hundred Drums and Jayne Gray team up to bring us “Lord of Tings” the first and only premiere from Gabrielle’s debut album “Audio Runes” out 4/20 on Heavy Traffic Recordings.

This track ended up being all that we were hoping for and more. The signature deep and rhythmic dubstep style of A Hundred Drums is thoroughly complemented by the haunting and graceful lyricism of Jayne Gray which is itself intelligently intertwined amongst the music. I especially love the medieval sounding horn sample which I’m almost positive is from Lord of the Rings… “Lord of Tings” is a unique and stand out tune that accentuates the musical attributes of both of these talented women. Be sure to keep an ear to the ground for the full EP dropping in two weeks!

If you’re heading out to Lucidity Festival this weekend you can actually catch A Hundred Drums throwing down TODAY on the main stage. She will also be performing at the Serenity Gathering 5 Year Anniversary in a few weeks as well as Enchanted Forest Gathering later this summer!