Got a case of the Mondays?!?! Well we have the remedy here in the form of a new heater from Northern California bass head BLAOW!Timewarp is the second premiere from BLAOW’s collaborative album Bombsquad Vol: 1 – a heavy hitting 7 track release forthcoming April 13th on MalLabel Music, and it’s available now for your listening pleasure.

For this latest cut BLAOW! teamed up with another Bay Area producer by the name of KRNGLE. Together these two created our favorite track on the entire EP and we’re pumped to bring it to you today. The Timewarp intro is an enticing offset of funny audio and an ominous escalation of sounds. It doesn’t take long to get the feeling this track is gonna be a banger and once they do drop it you will not be disappointed.

They really hit the nail on the head with this one; all the different elements comprising the tune are layered tastefully with just the right of emphasis across the board. A solid 808 backbeat with some crazy bass and sick sounding synths is just the blend we need to forget the annoyances of the daily grind. We hope to hear this one live sooner than later because it’s sure to get the dance floor hyphy. Turn up!