Hailing from our great little city of Santa Cruz, California is an up and coming electronic musician by the name of Alex Chan-Kai AKA A CHAN-KAI. He just recently appeared on our radar and after his performance at SCMF we’re excited to be hosting his debut release on Euphoric this week. “Deep Dissociation” is exactly as it sounds – a truly weighty tune with a subaqueous atmosphere that will have bass addicts shuttering with delight. It’s what I like to call a banger with etiquette. It’s heavy and nasty enough to make the dance floor buck but not too over the top crazy, muddying up the sound waves. It treads that fine line that so many other producers struggle to straddle. From beginning to end A CHAN-KAI does a great job layering sick sound design with psychedelic audio samples and powerful growling synths. If we could say one this about this tune it’s that it’s definitely dissociative AF!

Keep an eye on A CHAN-KAI… More tunes on the way soon!