We’re extremely excited to share with everyone today a very special musical experience which also happens to be the eighth installment of our 2018 Transmissions Mix Series. In a mind blowing collaborative effort, Street Ritual co-owner and OG beat hustler Knowa Lusion teamed up with acclaimed musician and instrumentalist JoaqoPelli to bring us a one of a kind mix.

Knowa+JoaqoPelli_2 (1)

A force to be reckoned with, this dynamic duo delivers something completely out of the box and extra refreshing. If you’re an avid listener of our mixes you know the value we place on something that’s dance floor friendly but still makes you think. This mix is case in point. Marinated in Native American sounding flutes played skillfully by JoaqoPelli, these two artists find harmonious balance fusing the dynamics of old world music and the futuristic sounds of intelligent bass music – something easier said than done.

Incorporating hip hop, trap and a variety of other forward thinking styles this mix is a demonstration of the eclectic trajectory the evolution of sound system music is taking…and we couldn’t be more happy about it. If you’re a fan of live instrumentation interwoven with some of today’s most groundbreaking music then this mix is for you. Knowa Lusion and JoaqoPelli are in the process of putting more stuff together. Contact Adam@streetritual.com for more info!