DISSØLV’s new EP Kintala, out today on Kalya Scintilla‘s label Merkaba Music, is like a silky smooth radiant dusting of water and oil on your skin. The pair is molecularly different, it is impossible to seamlessly fuse, but used together they work in solidarity to perfectly hydrate, giving your skin the moisture it is needing, craving. This EP resounds similarly, big beautiful bass combined with ethereal world music, so delicately balanced with reverberating bass and resounding riffs that roll into my ears and soul, giving my heart sprinkles of love.


 Kintala is fraught with bold brass overtones, elegant stunning violin and an unlimited plethora of unique worldly light and dark sounds. The blend is so distinctive, it surrounds you with unharnessed power and radiant pure energy. Smatterings of funk, trap, and an echoing global base give this EP a pure soul of beauty and grace. My mindseye wandered, nomadically picturing many lands in my melody mind, the landscape changed from song to song, vibe to vibe.

    Four tracks of loveliness grace us with swirling twirling magnetic force. They are a firelight tuned with powerful forces of energy and light. The track that drew me in many times was Clairvoyage. It has a dreamy old world Eastern European influence that struck the core of my lineage.

    DISSØLV is a dynamic live electronic band consisting of two producer brothers Andre Reinero and Valentin Santana respectively playing the synth and violin along with an elegant tribal fusion dancer. They possess an explosion into a new dimension of magical sound energy waves… It would be an immersible pleasure to see them live.  


Peep their many releases and ride the glowing starlight wave of wondrous music.


“Kintala takes the Dissølv journey to uncharted realms of bass music,
featuring live violin & instrumentation from across the globe.
By infusing the strength of electronic synths to acoustic instrumentation
over a bed of sub frequencies, this EP provides a refreshing twist to the
global bass music scene.”