Hailing from the bass music epicenter of Vancouver, Tripzy Leary is a West Coast Canadian act who’s been making a name for himself through dedication in the studio and riveting live performances. This proficient producer and DJ has recent releases on Wakaan and Emengy and has warmed up the decks for the likes of Liquid Stranger, Minnesota, Graves, Antiserum and many more. We’re extremely excited today to bring you his latest banger “The Type” featuring SIGNVLS. Not only did we get hooked up with a dope new tune but Tripzy Leary gave us an illuminating interview about having his track played by Liquid Stranger to being influenced by Timothy Leary and much much more! Hit play on the track and read on below!

Euphoric: Thanks for taking the time to chat with us! First off how was your 2017? Any highlights that come to mind?

Tripzy Leary: It was awesome, thanks! 2017. It was the year for me where I felt as if everything was coming together as planned. We’re Just going with the flow. I’ve been working with my manager, making music with my friends, spending time with my family. 

Some wicked highlights of the summer was liquid stranger  playing out our (GDubz and Tripzy Leary) tunes at big festivals like EDC, Electric Forest, Lost lands, ect. I played some pretty dope local festivals like, Electric Love Music Festival and Curiosity Music Festival. I went to Las Vegas for the first time. 

Open for the Liquid Stranger show in Vancouver at The Red Room B2B with one of my closest homies, GDubz. It was an epic night because Liquid Stranger couldn’t make it to Shambhala, so the crowd was epic! Was a great Year!

Sounds epic! So what in your life brought you the point where you’re at now with Tripzy Leary? Have you been around music a long time?


I started making music in 2004. I was heavy into hiphop growing up. My original artist name was QTRIPZY cause my sound is trippy, I was kind of a psychedelic kid. My dad taught me how to build computers at a young age, so picking up sound programs was inevitable. I spent a lot of time figuring it out on my own, writing lyrics and wanting to produce hip-hop beats. By the time it was 2010 I moved to Vancouver to attend a sound engineering school where I learned  extensively how to be a sound engineer and run a studio and operate Ableton and Protools. One my good friends showed me who Timothy Leary was which blew my mind, also introduced me to someone who met Timothy Leary at a young age in 1969. Some of the experiences that reassured that I would change my name to Tripzy Leary. After I graduated in 2012, I met my future manager who invited me to volunteer at Shambhala in artist relations. After that I came home and put my 100% focus into developing my sound gauging it to all the exhilarating music played on those huge sound systems at that festival.

I fell in love with bass music with the influence of hip hop. I infused my trippy sound design styles with heavy hitting bass and drums. After a few years of working on my sound and going back to Shambhala, by 2016 I was doing a lot of local shows playing direct support for artists such as Laxx, Antiserum, Graves, Woolymammoth, Tsuruda, and others.


What, if anything, are you trying to communicate with your music?

My music is psychedelic or Cyberdelic, which is a name given to the counterculture by Timothy Leary back in the 60’s and 70’s when computers and technology started to rapidly evolve. Psychedelics influenced many people across the west coast from Silicon Valley, San Francisco, all the way up to Vancouver BC to think for themselves and question authority. Music Festivals, computers, synthesizers, big sound systems, ect. Timothy Leary influenced people to open their minds and to express their creativity in the future cyber world that we live in today. My goal is to make trippy bass music that fits today’s culture but also reflects on the past and I tie it all together keeping that culture alive.


 You recently live streamed a set you were playing for Public Address. Have you ever live streamed a set before? How do you think this kind of live video engagement can be beneficial with fans?

Haha yeah that was a great time! I was asked to do it a few hours before it was meant to go live, of course, I said yup, let’s do this! Another artist dropped out and I tuned in at the last minute and we rushed over to the studio I didn’t plan a set or anything I really like to freestyle these type of things and get on the mic. We got there I had a friend rocking an alien mask, it was really fun. I like to make those things enjoyable rather than just watching some hands moving things on a mixer haha. No they did a great job. The video was high quality and the reach was 1k views in an hr, and few more after that. everyone was really digging it. I think I would like to do it again. It’s greatly beneficial for the viewers, and fun.

(Watch Video Here!)

You’ve worked with some epic labels in the recent past from Sleeveless to Wakaan. What can you tell us about the process of creating material for heavyweights like them?

Back in 2015 I met Stylust Beats at Shambhala Music Festival working Artist Relations helping him with his bags and camping situation. I have been volunteering in AR at shambhala for years, helping artists when they arrived. I met a lot of inspiration. Seeing these guys I would meet absolutely rock their sets. Those were the types of experiences that helped shape me as an artist. By the time I got home that year I entered the Stylust Beats Remix contest provided by Skio Music. I ended up winning the contest. I was pretty motivated by it which ended up leading me to other avenues. As for Wakaan, Liquid Stranger and  playing our tune “On the Low” at pretty much all their shows since EDC up to their tours with Excision recently. That tune will be coming out this year on the Wakaan compilation with a bunch of new upcoming artists who are also coming out on the label. I’m really looking forward to working with Wakaan. I also have been working closely with Emengy here in Vancouver focusing most on my trap style bass music. Where as my wonky dubstep style bass music will be focused on Wakaan.


Being immersed in the Vancouver and Shambhala environments up in Canada must be exciting. Any bookings or tunes in the works you can talk about? Any funny or crazy stories from times past?

To be honest Vancouver is a great place to live. Minus the expense it’s definitely a hub for networking. A lot of my favourite producer/djs come through. From here to Shambhala there is definitely a connection amongst the community. I’m super grateful to be able to make the connections I do here in the city. A lot of well known producers have played at one of our favourite nightclubs, The Red Room, which is where I have opened for a bunch of great acts such as, Stylust Beats and Liquid Stranger.

All the craziest moments this year are when I’m with my friends, we all party hard with mad love.

What artists have you been enjoying listening to lately? If you could collab with anyone right now who would it be?

I look forward to collaborating with artists on Wakaan. I’m really digging the Twonk guys. I’m super into these hybrid trappy alien sounds. Definitely the direction I’m taking. I’ve been collaborating with a great producer named GDubz, check his work out. We have tons of new unreleased tunes also putting together an EP for Wakaan in the near Future. I would love to collaborate with Liquid Stranger, Space Jesus, and Minnesota, if I had to choose three.


Can you tell us a little bit about your new tune “The Type”? 

I found this guy on Soundcloud called Signvls, he lives in Portland, Oregon. I hit him up and remixed one of his tunes you can find on my Soundcloud. This is our first official collaboration. For the next couple years I’m scouting for future artists to collaborate with. He sent me the first version of the project and I just added to it and took it to the next level. Our work flow is very fluid and I really dig his sound.

Got anything special planned for 2018? Any goals you would like to accomplish?

2018 is pretty solid. Will be playing a few wicked festivals this summer TBA. We got releases on Wakaan coming out. I have releases on Emengy. Reached 100k plays on Soundcloud in the past year so I’m looking forward to pushing the envelope on the social reach. Expand our platform. It’s a never ending journey, and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us!


Thank you Tripzy Leary!

Be sure to grab his fresh tune with SIGNVLS and keep your ear to the ground for more bass coming soon!