Bust out your best set of headphones or speakers folks cuz it’s time to get wubby with this new tune by the name of “Food For Thoughts” from our friend Nas-Ja. Originally from Colorado but transplanted to Northern California Nas-Ja is a seasoned DJ and producer who we’re happy to have grace our platforms once again. Known for immersive and psychedelic sonic communication Nas-Ja takes us on an enjoyable deep bass voyage with this subtle but potent piece of music. “Food For Thoughts” features a dynamic and never-boring melody which intertwines splendidly with wobbly vibrations and cavernous sound effects. Syncopated dum beats complement the other-worldly soundscape creating a well rounded and fulfilling tune.

If you don’t get your fix from this tune you’re in luck because Nas-Ja dropped his four track ODD LOGIC EP less than three weeks ago so you can hit that up for more fresh beats!