The newest EP by SuDs released on Street Ritual called Dream Sequencer opens with multilayered textural musical cloth, a style quality of music SuDs has mastered for his listeners.  SuDs packed this EP chock full of chilling, fantasy driven, Eastern inspired, hair-raising, and absolutely stunningly beautiful gems of beats. The purposeful driven force of his music harmonizing with an added of kick of a sensual dream laden overtone completely envelops this EP’s yin / yang vibes of misty darkness and light.  

    To Breath unveils unexpected horns that call for a meshing of full hip-swaying, milky, dank and watery, an insanely powerful track. The layers of emotion and beauty is inhaled, then exhaled perfectly to create a murmur that embodies this tracks mind, heart and soul.  Yearning is an invoked feel on this track, summoned by dark bass.


     Dream Sequencer introduces a surging and stretching of woven notes to blend a daydream like concept to your minds eye.  Samples of whistling, blended with violin and added vocals makes your minds eyes paint a picture of a scene of unfolding, wistful longing and beauty, like seeing a incredible vision through the mist.  

This whole EP is just a fantastic work of art. Check more of this artists work on his Soundcloud, he is truly an artist to be watched for and listened to.  He is a true visionary of music, always upping the ante of multi textured and vibey bass beats.

Catch SuDs doing his thang at Serenity Gathering 5 Year Anniversary!