Legendary producer Amp Live recently released his newest EP Divine Delay which covers a multitude of genres including electronica, hip-hop, urban pop, melodic bass, R&B, and trap. It features guest performances from some notable artists including Eric Rachmany, frontman for Grammy-nominated and revered reggae band Rebelution. The anticipation builds as Amp Live gears up to debut his project with Del The Funky Homosapien (Gorillaz & Hieroglyphics) this spring. We caught up with this talented individual for a brief chat about his latest musical endeavor. Check out what he had to say and make sure to give Divine Delay a proper listen!


Q: Without revealing too much of what makes you so unique, can you explain a bit of your process for gaining and utilizing inspiration?

A: I think I try to pull from anywhere without limitation. If I can make a sound or a style of music fit into a vibe or emotion that I am trying express, then I make it work. I feel like music is super universal, so it all relates. Country, metal, tribal, jazz, all the way to super underground hip-hop all somehow can connect with each other

Q: Covering such a vast spectrum of genres and styles in Divine Delay, how did you keep it a “complete thought” without the tracks being too alike or different?

A: It is a struggle of mine. I am working on making things way more consistent. At the end of the day though, I think the title of the EP or the album keeps me in a certain mind frame. So any music under that works.

Q: When forming your collaborations for Divine Delay, did you have featured artists in mind before writing tracks?

A: The only song where I had a feature in mind was Many Reasons feat. The Grouch. It was like this only because I know him so well and how he is going to bring it on a track. I could build a beat around his raps.

Q: Are there any messages you could share with your fans as a narrative summary to accompany Divine Delay?

A: Divine Delay was an interesting EP. The general meaning of the title is basically, things never happen when you want them to, but when they do happen, its right on time and when it was supposed to. The whole EP was actually inspired by a difficult relationship break up that I was going through. As I was creating the EP though, I noticed it was actually helping me heal inside. So even though I wanted the overall message to be coming from the vibe of getting over a relationship, it started to move towards just how to handle situations in life in general.


Q: Huge congratulations on your joining Street Ritual Agency. Can we expect a Divine Delay tour in the future?

Thank you very much! You will definitely hear me playing these EP songs on a tour in the future. I also have another EP dropping this summer so maybe there will be a tour for both.

Huge thanks to Amp Live!!