Without Wings is the musical alias of Dutch producer and DJ Steff Buckert. Always a free spirit, he’s nursed a special appreciation for heavy metal and other loud music and has been experimenting with sound since the beginning. Now as the head of marketing at the new independent bass music label Diverge Records, Steff constantly stays busy and interconnected within the bustling music community, both on and offstage.

His latest endeavor as Without Wings is this Euphoric exclusive by the name of “First Time Kickin’ It”. I’m not sure if he’s referring to the bass drum that he’s kicking but this tune goes hard. This high octane bass-driven banger exemplifies his “past bedtime music” mantra. This ain’t no lullaby shit. Shrieking horns and bellicose rap samples set an intense tone which only builds from there. Deep bass growls complement this dark soundscape and Without Wings implements each drop expertly keeping it heavy but still with melody. If you’re feeling it we recommend scoping this dude’s Soundcloud for more tunes and be sure to give Diverge Records a peep as well!