If you’ve been keeping up with our most current releases then you’ve probably heard the heavy hitting halftime banger we dropped last week from Australian producer RaptorHandz. His powerful tune No Exit was premiered as part of the Samsara Beats “Syncopation” compilation – a massive 30 track release that will be out in full March 16th. As a special two pronged premiere we have another dank track off the comp today, this time from Jake Robertz.


Hailing from Edmonton Canada this accomplished producer is no stranger to bass with over a decade of electronic music production under his belt and 5 EP’s under his current alias. Jake Robertz has releases on Adapted, Really Good Records, Muti Music and more, and his dedication to the craft is nowhere more apparent than his latest track Bloodshed. 

This innovative halftime drum and bass tune goes in deep. Complex drum patterns merge with modified low-end vocal samples and sophisticated sound design which growls and flows throughout the track like the soundtrack to the apocalypse. One gets the impression of warriors chanting and beating drums before going to war. In any case, there’s no doubt this track is a heater and will surely have speakers knockin’. Check it out as well as the rest of the tunes which have been released so far!~

Photocred: @agataraymond