Greetings basslings, we have received news of leaked confidential information regarding bass-lien communication. Denver and Mile High Sound Movement’s very own UNFOLD has managed to tap into unknown frequencies and create a line of contact with a distant universe. Studies of his research and findings are now available to the public in a three part release including “The ILLEST”, “She Knows Your Plan” and, most recently, “Follow Up”.

The third track of his release, “Follow Up”, is nothing short of spectacular and will absorb your attention with no intention of letting go. Leading the conversation with the outer-beings, UNFOLD invites all to listen in with a soft and vibrant synthesized introduction that quickly creates a dynamic soundscape. The track then drops delicately into a deep flow that rises and falls with ease, seeming almost as if it is purring at you. As the remainder of the track is carried by an angelic melody, nothing short of magnificent and beautiful are what is to be expected. Upon completion, it is clear that these are peaceful beings, and UNFOLD is here to share with us their story.

The three track release covers countless spectrums of genres and is not to be slept on. Be sure to click the links provided. Enjoy and stay tuned for much more in the near future!