It seems as though the Oregon Coast has it all. With its endless miles of green giants, untouched beaches, and an eclectic and welcoming culture, there is no question as to why so many choose to nestle themselves into various areas of the PNW. Not only is the area bountiful  with its natural wonders, but it is home to numerous bass music artists whose work reflects the beauty and mere energy of their surroundings.

Bend, Oregon bass artist Kyle Bishoff (Supertask), encompasses this ethereal mood throughout his extensive collection of originals and collaborations. Throughout the artists library, you can find one track after another composed of atmospheric pads and various synths of the same essence. By using vocal sampling in a number of his tracks, Supertask counteracts the softness of the natural human voice with ample amounts of bass and assorted percussion. By fusing both soft dynamics with powerful and eerie tones, Bishoff creates an ambience that is painted by sound. In the past three months alone, the artist has released an upwards of 8 new original tracks, including a deep dub mixtape that shows a whole different side to what he has to offer creatively in comparison to his older tunes.


In his mix for Euphoric.net, Supertask blends together tracks both old and new, stringing you through layers of delicate melodies and full-bodied wubs. Each track and bridge within the mix reflects the artists ingenuity in sound design and composition, only leaving me to wonder what else we can expect to hear from him in the future. You can also find Supertask performing alongside artists CharlestheFirst, Goopsteppa, and Potions on their Lab Group Tour this spring, hitting venues including The BlueBird in Reno and The Fox Theatre in Boulder.


Dive into Supertask’s Euphoric Mix below and follow his SoundCloud for more!