Come one, come all and feast your ears on this! The table has been set with a full multi-course meal of filthy synth lines, anthem-like buildups and a few tasty change-ups. Jameston Thieves takes on a new direction with his track “Hagakure” featuring hip hop wonder, Abrax Phaeton.

A perfectly smooth and fantasful intro is complemented with uplifting lyricism, providing ease as the first build up feeds anticipation. The combination of hip hop and down-tempo glitch slide right along to begin this dynamic journey through the track. The listener is now in direct route to a wonderful mesh of dubstep crunch and sweet melody.

“Hagakure” is not only a significant move from the usual style; Jameston Thieves is proving his dedication to the craft and to constantly break outside the box. Keep your ears peeled for this heavy hitter as he continues to push the envelope and level up track by track! Click the link below and enjoy!