Music moves the body, mind and spirit, and Liquid Love Drops’ new EP (1.22.18), Serpent Medicine, will definitely move you.  When you listen to this EP you are being taken on a journey, exploring different perspectives of well-developed producers, with each track digging a little deeper into the core message of the Serpent’s Medicine.  The 7 track EP includes 6 eclectic variations of the title track and the addition of an enticing song featuring Amrita called Serpent’s Kiss. Remixes include those done by Drumspyder, Tek Freaks, Sattva Ananda, Ecometric and Illuminertia.  

‘Serpent Medicine bestows the power to transmute the self, to shed the skin of what no longer serves us and to fuse layers of our reality into wholeness,’ the artist explains. Liquid Love Drops takes this concept directly into her production of the EP, allowing the listener an opportunity to sit with this idea of transmutation as they dig a little deeper and shed a little more with each rendition of the song.  Liquid Love Drops has created space for the listener to melt away and be enveloped by the Medicine of the Serpent, containing in its power the Mahamrityunjaya mantra, being chanted by the intoxicating Amrita, and seamlessly woven into each song from the selected producers.

Embrace the journey and set a little time aside to check this album out. Each track will move your body just a little differently, all the while maintaining a significant message from Liquid Love Drops.  Transition, change and growth are necessary and beautiful parts of life, and what better way to celebrate than with a little BASS music to get you movin and sheddin!!

Also, please join Liquid Love Drops and Serpent’s Lair for a very special and intimate EP release event on Feb 24th, Castro Valley.  This is an event created from the inspiration of the Serpent energy within, with a ‘Serpent Bass style of sound to express this healing within, and with others’.  

Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/540783716280453/