When the first notes of “The West Coast” dripped into my ears a BEHEMOTH giddy grin lit up my face.  This dankness is the debut track of the new duo Date Modified Tomorrow, and will be released via ShadowTrix Music’s annual compilation called Shadows: Volume Three.  

    This track brilliantly intertwines the signature sounds of noizy boiz SuDs and Mike.iLL.  Together they shine so brightly, I was dazzled with a flare of glee.  “The West Coast” is a monster of sound design featuring stuttered vibey beats, low walloping bass and splinterizing highs.  It contains astounding brilliance, destined to be a massive repeater on the dance floor.  This duo triumphs at integrating the monumentally mighty, clanky, and rhythmic sounds of Mike.iLL with the weighty, squashy, and wonky sounds of SuDs.

    As a friend/follower of both of these artists, it is a thrill that the project is up and wylin’ out.  Their combo plays on the finest elements of both artists and melds them into a moniker that the music community can get hyped about.  The friendship, respect, and admiration they hail for each other as artists contributes and reverberates into the killer sounds that materialize from this collaboration.

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    Keep a sharp eye out for future tracks and an upcoming EP on their newly formed Soundcloud and Facebook pages.  Make sure to peep the ShadowTrix compilation when it drops cause STM always delivers the EPIC chunes.

Words from the Artist:

“Date Modified Tomorrow is the brain child of west coast bass artists Suds & Mike.iLL. Hailing from Seattle, WA, and Arcata, CA, these producers have combined their unique styles to create a heavy, psychedelic soundscape that makes you get on your feet. The project was originally inspired by an earlier collaboration between these two artists that featured Subduktion. At one point, Suds sent the project to Mike.iLL and upon opening the file, Mike noticed that the “Date Modified” section in the Finder said “Tomorrow” (see image). The artist found humor in the fact that the initials were “DMT” thus the name of the track was born. This collaboration led to Mike.iLL and Suds working more closely and eventually deciding to adapt the name “Date Modified Tomorrow” as a new moniker for their group project. Currently wrapping up their first album plus many singles, you can expect to hear much more high energy music from this duo. Also you can catch them this 2018 Spring / Summer for their upcoming tour throughout the west coast and beyond.”