West Coast artist ZAYLE brings in the new year with our first mix of 2018 for the Euphoric Transmissions Mix Series!! Press play and read on to learn more about this talented individual and what he’s got going on right now.

1.What’s your name?

My name is actually Zayle believe it or not. Weird name.

2. Where you from?

Born in Hawaii but Cali raised! Bay area and auburn.

3. How did you get into music?

I was horrible at sports so I decided to do music. Don’t have to move much!

4. What was the last track you listened to?

The last track I heard was the medasin remix of that Portugal the Man song. I heard it on the radio and was just in shock.

5. Favorite 3 artists of any type right now?

Kayci Hill, Madeintyo, 9tails.

6. Last meal you ate?

I snacked on a Happy meal from McDonald’s. It just always seems to wake me up.

7. Last show you went to?

My family was kind enough to bring me countdown. Had a massive time meeting new people and artists!

8. Favorite food?

I love poke and milkshakes.

9.  Favorite rapper?

I think favorite would have to be Ski Mask the Slump God. Everything he does is timeless and unique. Really love what he’s doing.

10. Best show you’ve been to in the last year

I went to the Regency in San Francisco to support my family and it was such a hectic show.

11. Favorite film?

Jurassic Park for sure. I grew up with all of Steven Spielberg and I loved dinosaurs. It’s the perfect match.

12. Goals for 2018

I want to play a ton of US shows and actually get my friends to come seem them. 2018 is the year!

Thanks ZAYLE!