“Beyond the Veil” is the first track from acclaimed electronic music producer ALIA’s Feminine Medicine Vol I remix album and it just so happens to be a lush remix from the one and only Govinda. In a sonic exploration of what could be called “global sacred bass music” this collaboration emphasizes melodic frequencies, gorgeous feminine voices, and bass heavy dance vibrations in a gritty yet ethereal manner. Co-collaborator Amadora and ALIA offer conscious and healing vocals while Govinda puts his magical gypsy spin on this already entrancing tune.


When first entering the vivid soundscape of “Beyond the Veil”, one could be forgiven for thinking they had been dropped into the Matrix. A kaleidoscope of enchanting vocalism, colorful sound design, and glitchy downtempo greets listeners as worldly vibrations take over the senses. In a splendid synthesis of organic and digital elements these collaborators are able to create something both human feeling but futuristic and otherworldly. The feminine singing and instrumentals add an air of earthliness while the technical sound engineering and complex layering bring an aura of psychedelic understanding. Of all the incredible tunes on the album, this is one of the most powerful.


Govinda’s remix of “Beyond the Veil” is but one of many unique remixes featured on the album. Other collaborators include Living Light, Spoken Bird, Wu Wei and more! The full remix album will be available Tuesday January 16th 2018! Keep an ear to the ground for Vol II out 2019.