This week West Coast beat enthusiast, and Euphoric favorite, SuDs teams up with the legendary underground bass music label ThazDope Records to bring us his most recent foray into the deep realms of bass exploration – the “Motion” EP. If you’re an avid Euphoric listener then you’ve probably already heard one of the three originals on the EP, “da FVCK”. It’s a futuristic, dance floor friendly kinda banger that will have both booties and brains twerking alike. “Blackout” is a mental wormhole of a tune that leans on bonkers sound design and a galloping back beat. It’s got that signature growling and squelching noise that we’ve really come to associate with SuDs. “Motion” is also not to be slept on with its oscillating alien frequencies and heavy low end bass. Fellow bass heads Mike.iLL and Aplsoz also put their spin on “da FVCK” and “Motion” respectively. All in all this is EP goes in hard and exhibits the dedication of this talented purveyor of sound. Listen all the way through for maximum ear hole pleasure!